Hello New Roomates!!!

Hello New Roommates! We are so excited you have joined us in our room at the San Francisco usahostels hostel. Unfortunately we had to leave the room before you arrived…there’s just so much to see here!…but it doesn’t mean we don’t want to meet and hang out with you! I realize we will have time over the next 1 to 4 nights (depending on how long you are staying…we leave Tuesday) but we wanted the bonding to begin tonight. Right now we are exploring Chinatown and finding a great place for supper, but later we have a super duper fun plan we would love you to join in on: Beer Olympics!
As the poster says, it’s all sorts of fun beer-related games and only a 20 minute walk away! Here’s how you get there:
We will be there for registration at 8:30pm. It gives lots of time to make the walk…although I don’t know what time you arrived… We will likely be on Team Canada, as the poster says they group you by where you are from. Maybe you’re Team Canada too…but don’t worry we’ll like you even if you’re not. There is a photo of us below so you can find us when you come…we took it today so we would be wearing the same thing…so convenient!
See you later Roomies!
Kristin & Kristin


4 thoughts on “Hello New Roomates!!!

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