Dear San Francisco

Dear San Francisco,

Why do you close so excessively early? I mean all I wanted was a lovely evening full of the things I love, aka coffee shops and beer, and you keep trying to shut me down.

You’re like, “Oh, you want to have a warm beverage while doing a little blogging?” And when I smile & nod you slam the door in my face…all “No coffee for you!”…Jerk. I should not have to try 3 separate coffee shops just to find one open past 6:30pm, and then have the last close at 7:30. At home I can hang out pretty much as late as I want. I don’t think I’ve ever had a place close before I was ready to leave…until San Francisco.

But it’s not just the coffee shops, oh no! It’s also the bars. Is it normal in America for bars to close between 12:30 & 1:30? Because at home they will never throw you out on a Friday night before 2:30am…sometimes you’ll still be partying past 3. I found to odd that our first bar was closing at 12:30, especially when the night life here is said to not really get started until 11pm. So we went to a second place that was all like, “Come in here! We’re still open!” But an hour later it made a totally bipolar switch to “No! Get out! We’re lame & closing!”

Basically San Francisco, I think you should learn to be open later. That is all.


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