Homeless or Hippie: A Game for All Occasions

Ladies & Gentleman…Young & Old…Please gather around as I introduce to you the greatest game to ever be invented. Some have gone as far as to praise it as the “most fun game ever” and “even more fun than our awful Justin Bieber trivia game.” Let me introduce to you:
Homeless or Hippie!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you are all eager to learn how to play but first let me explain a bit of its origins. While exploring San Francisco yesterday KG and I wandered into the Haight-Ashbury district (you can read all about our day at A Tour of Countercultures). KG mentioned that when she was in this part of the city 2 years ago she found it difficult to distinguish who was homeless and who was just a hippie. We laughed and continued navigating through the eccentric neighborhood. But being the creative, inspired and slightly asshole-ish person that I am, I knew this could go beyond a mear comment…it could be a sensation that would sweep the nation! And Homeless or Hippie was born.

Now because you have been so patient I will teach you how to play. I find rules are usually best understood when accompanied by an example. You might think this is excessive, being as there are actually only 5 steps in this game. However it is a lot more involved than you think so lets play a round together right now.

Step 1 – Identify a Subject
I have done this for you this time…

Step 2 – Ask yourself “Homeless or Hippie?”
This part seems simple, but it is definitely the most difficult part. Initial judgements are not always correct. Consider our example specimen:
Tie-Dye screams Hippie. But then you look at how dirty it is and wonder if the shirt was simply the only one she found in the Goodwill. Take in the ripped jeans…Homeless? But the general style of her outfit…Hippie? For me I think the fact that she is wearing a hat for fashion rather than function gives it away…

Step 3 – Yell out your Answer!*
You’ve examined all the angles, you’ve considered all the possibilities and you’ve come to a laborious but well-thought-out decision. Now share it! This step is most effective when with other people who are also playing but can be executed even if you are alone.
For the above…HIPPIE!

Step 4 – Compare your responses with those around you.
Sometimes it may just be realizing you all came to the same conclusion. Sometimes it is realizing you we’re the only one who picked your choice. (Sometimes it is realizing you are the only one playing.) Either way, discuss how you came to your decision. Remember, Homeless or Hippie is a game of sportsmanship, so politely listen to others’ opinions & reasoning and only engage in constructive discussions.

Step 5 – Laugh!
This step will happen rather organically. The game is just too fun to resist!

Now that you know how to play I have kindly provided a collection of photos to practice with. These are all people I actually saw while walking down Haight Street. Yes, I was a creeper trying to stealthily talk their pictures without them noticing…but it’s totally legal since they were taken in a public place. However you might notice that I have taken steps to protect their identities. Tell me: Homeless or Hippie?

Got those ones? Then you’re moving on to the Advanced Class. When you’ve completed all these you will be ready to take the game to the streets: Homeless or Hippie?

Love & Luck,

*Disclaimer: Please consider your surroundings before completing Step 3. There are some situations when yelling out your answer can be difficult, dangerous or hurtful.


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