I left my heart in San Francisco.

I left my heart in San Francisco. That’s how I’m feeling right now. Is there anything worse than going back to work after vacation? Actually, yes, there is…going back to work after vacation without your next trip planned. I know, these are super first-world-problems, but I have the post trip blues and don’t particularly care how whiney I sound.

K+K San Francisco 2013 was an awesome trip. There is no other verdict to be made. We saw lots of touristy things and some real-deal “Life in San Fran” things too. We had a new experience or two and met some totally kick-ass people. Our first North American hostel experience was a success. And we rediscovered how freaking funny we are. I mean we are hilarious! In the day-to-day grind of real life we seem to lose some of that…too busy to be as fun as we are meant to be. I guess that’s something to take away from this trip: Life Lesson #1 – Don’t let the stress of the everyday stifle your natural good humor.

Looking back there is still a list of things I would like to do in the quirky city of San Francisco. I think this is a good thing. If you leave a city wanting more then you must have truly enjoyed it. Plus with the comments my boss made while we discussed my course (the actual reason we were in California) it sounded like there is strong potential for K+K San Francisco 2014 in April 🙂

So here’s my “Still To Do” List:
– Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge – I had walked on when I came to San Fran as a teenager and this trip just admired it from afar. Next time I’d like to rent a bicycle for a while and peddle my way over the most iconic bridge in North America (if not the world). Taking the bike around Golden Gate Park would also be fun!
– Take the TCHO Chocolate Factory Tour – It sounded like a fun activity but was all booked up by the time we looked for tickets. Now, after having tasted the delectable final product I am even more eager to check this attraction out.
– The California Academy of Sciences – I am a museum lover and reading about this museum has me practically drooling. The Exploratorium also sounds like a superb museum…visiting it would be time dependent.
– Visit Wine Country – It’s right there & I like wine!
– Ride a Cable Car – Again, this is something I did on my first San Fran trip but not this time. I think I would enjoy a photo of me hanging off the tram as a grown-up, as well as a child.
– A Walking Tour of Castro – We did our own wander through the neighborhood and soaked up the ambiance. However, next time I’d like to learn more of the area’s history, being that it has had such a controversial & important role. I’d also do a tour of Haight-Ashbury, but that’s less important to me.
– A Ball Game at AT&T Park – Be cause its more about the ball park than the ball game 😉 Plus I could take a ferry to get there!
– Take a PediCab Everywhere – They say you should always do your favorite thing again when returning to a city…and this was obviously the best!

You can check out KG’s Still To Dos here…Save Me San Francisco

We shall have to wait and see what next trip brings, but I think this list will be super helpful in planning! Plus I know I can always do Friday night Beer Olympics and have the top notch usahostels hostel to stay at! Basically look out San Francisco…I’ll be back…and soon!

Love & Luck,


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